News Alert!!! Eurasian Watermilfoil is Spreading

EWM is spreading in the lake and elsewhere in Canada.  This invasive aquatic plant is found in many Ontario lakes, and can be found close to Farlain Lake in Penetang Harbour and in Little Lake Park Midland. Despite the FLCA’s efforts since 2014, the plant has spread to other areas of the lake including four different locations on the west side. Human recreational activities (e.g. boating, fishing, etc.) and natural interaction (e.g. waterfowl, fish, aquatic mammals, heavy wave action, etc.) can damage the fragile EWM plant leading to the spread of EWM through plant fragments.

Unfortunately our lake with its shallow depth, allows sunlight to reach the bottom of the lake in most areas, which is an ideal environment for EWM plants to grow and thrive. If EWM is allowed to spread unchecked, the invasive plants will increase in size to become a dense floating mat in front of our properties, destroying the lake’s ecology as well as our enjoyment of our beautiful lake. 

See the full details on this threat to our Lake and what we're doing about it.

2018 Farlain Lake Calendars Available

Share the beauty of Farlain Lake and support our fund-raising efforts in the battle against the Eurasian Watermilfoil with the purchase of a 2018 calendar filled with memorable photos of Farlain Lake throughout the four seasons of the year. Only $20 each, no tax, and the cost of mailing is included. Remember that ALL of this amount goes to the Save Our Lake Campaign against the EWM. Simply complete the order form and either use the easy etransfer process on the order form or mail a cheque with the form.

Sales have been great and only a limited number of calendars are left. Many thanks to those who have already purchased one and supported our fight against this invasive weed. These calendars would make a great gift for family, friends or business colleagues for the holidays. So many calendars are in circulation at this time of year but these photos hold special meaning for those of us in the FLCA community because they reflect the beauty of the Lake and because all funds raised go towards protecting it.

FLCA 2017 Annual Meeting

Information from the 2017 FLCA Annual General Meeting held on Sunday July 30, 2017 including the report from the President, SSEA presentation and the amended By-laws approved by the members at the meeting are posted to the FLCA Annual Meeting page on this site.

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