Water Quality


Water Testing Decanter

Farlain Lake water quality is one of the three key priorities outlined within the Lake to Sky Plan  developed by the Farlain Lake Community Association in 2013. Strategies to monitor water quality are in place working with important organizations such as the Severn Sound Environmental Association (SSEA), the Federation of Tiny Township Shoreline Associations (FoTTSA), Tiny Township and other environmental agencies include research and testing of lake water and community well water.

The SSEA conducted a well survey  in 2016 - click here for the full report from the SSEA.

The 2017 FoTTSA well water Nitrate testing program was successfully completed with 113 water samples tested and no well water samples exceeding the drinking water guidelines of 10 mg/l for nitrates or 1.0 mg/l for nitrites. In fact, 78 samples had no detectable amounts of either contaminate and only two samples had any positive Nitrite reading.

Nitrates, compounds which contain one nitrogen molecule joined by three oxygen molecules (NO3 ), can come from nitrogen fertilizers which are carried by rain or irrigation into groundwater. Additional sources of nitrates can be human or animal waste products.

Nitrites are compounds which have one nitrogen molecule joined by two oxygen molecules (NO2 ) and come from the same fertilizer or waste products as nitrates. Nitrite compounds are quickly transformed in soil into nitrates and so usually have a much lower concentration than nitrates in ground water.

Please click here for a very comprehensive presentation from the SSEA at the 2017 FLCA Annual Meeting.