Cottage Succession Planning Webinar June 21, 2023

Free for FLCA members! The FLCA is pleased to be able to offer the first webinar in the FOCA series, Cottage Succession A to Z, on Wednesday June 21`, 2023 at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom. You can check out more details on the complete Succession Planning series here.

FOCA offers a series of webinars to help families plan for cottage succession to future generations. These webinars are presented by Peter Lillico, a well-respected lawyer experienced in estate planning who has presented to lake associations for a number of years now, both in person and virtually. His talks include many aspects of your family cottage plan including:

• succession stumbling blocks
• paying the capital gains tax
• keeping the cottage going
• managing expenses and more.

All you need to do is use the link below to register – FOCA is collecting registrations on our behalf and the webinar will use the FOCA Zoom platform.  Important!  If others in your household wish to participate and use a separate computer or device they MUST register separately in order to obtain their own link.  On the registration form you will be asked for your FOCA Affiliation – simply enter “FLCA Member”.

Non-members of the FLCA are welcome to attend the webinar as well for a nominal fee of $10.  Use the link above and enter “Non-member” in the field for FOCA Affiliation.

Don’t Delay – Register Now!