Fishing in Farlain Lake

In keeping with the theme of keeping the fish population viable going forward, there are a few ways the community can help out. Farlain Lake is in zone 16 in regards to the fishing rules and regulations. This is important to know to protect the fishery and the people fishing in the lake. All regulations for fishing seasons, size and catch limits are there.
There are a couple of different licence types. The two main ones that most apply for are Sport fishing license and Conservation fishing license.  A Sport license allows you to catch and possess the top limits for each species. The Conservation License (cheaper to purchase) restricts the amount of fish you can possess. These licences can be purchased online or at a local retailer like Canadian Tire. Once applied for they will send you a card but you can fish while waiting with the receipt as your license. You need to have this with you anytime you are fishing. I was pulled over by the MNRF and was able to show them the license purchase on my phone while I was waiting for the card to come in. They scanned it and wished me good luck. The penalty for fishing without a license currently is $200.
Violations for over limits can vary. In April 2023 in Newmarket Court a man was charged with having 4 walleye in his boat and 4 from the previous night in his freezer. The fine was $4000 and a 2 year ban from fishing in Ontario. In another case a couple was caught in Parry Sound with Bass caught out of season. The fines ranged from $1500-$2500 plus a 2 year ban on fishing.

Seasons For Zone 16 – Farlain Lake


    • Season opens June 22nd/2024 (4rth Saturday in June) and closes Nov 30/2024
    •   Sport License possession of 6 total Small and Large Mouth Bass
    •   Conservation License possession of 2 total Small and Large Mouth Bass


    • Season Open Jan 1 to March 15/2024
    • Season Reopens May 11th (2nd Saturday in May) and closes Dec 31/2024
    • Sport License possession total of 4 Walleye and Sauger combined
    • Conservation License possession total of 2 Walleye and Sauger combined
    • Size Regulations – 16” to 22” must be returned to the lake
    • Allowance of 1 fish over 22”s

Yellow Perch

    • Season open year round
    • Sport License possession limit of 50
    • Conservative License possession limit of 25
The importance of fishing within the guidelines is there to maintain a healthy fish population for generations to come. An example of fishing outside the guidelines while fish are spawning will cause a decrease in the population. Typically the male Bass guard the nests. They are aggressive and when they are removed from guarding the nest, the nest can be cleared out by predators in as little as 15 minutes. This causes this cycle of fish to not be able to reproduce and puts a strain on the population. If this were to happen numerous times, this would affect  future numbers of that species for a long time and they may not recover to the current levels of fish we currently have.
Please fish responsibly for now and the future. All fishing licence monies go directly to the MNRF to keep their programs going to benefit all of us. Those under the age of 16 or over the age of 65 are not required to have an Outdoor card or a fishing licence.  However seniors in particular may want to purchase one in the interest of supporting the MNRF programs which are designed to protect our wildlife.
Please see attached links for further information you may wish to review: