Lake to Sky Management Plan

Based on the State of the Lake Report (see below), a Lake to Sky Management Plan was drafted and consultation held with the FLCA Community Partners and the FLCA members.  The three key priorities forming the basis of the Plan are:

  1. Water Quality
  2. Ribbon of Life
  3. Sense of Community

The Plan identifies issues and very specific goals and recommended actions for implementation.  They are not quick fixes and the Plan is intended to be a living document that provides a road map for the FLCA and its community partners to follow for the slow and steady improvement of the health of the lake.

The draft Plan was presented to and approved by the FLCA members at the 2013 Annual General Meeting.

The Lake to Sky Farlain Lake Community Management Plan can be downloaded here. Questions may be directed to the FLCA Board of Directors through the Association’s email address at

Development of the Plan

In 2008, work began on the development of a Lake to Sky Management Plan with the goal of “protecting and enhancing Farlain Lake and its surrounding watershed through proactive resource management and stewardship practices.”

The Plan aims to:

  • Identify and protect characteristics of the lake and its watershed that are valued by the Farlain Lake community;
  • Foster a sense of community through involvement, discussion, education, and action.
  • Increase communication, coordination, and cooperation between government agencies, stakeholder groups, and the Farlain Lake community to protect the lake’s values and attributes;
  • Recommend land use policies that influence land development in the watershed;
  • Set environmental and stewardship goals to provide a healthy functioning ecosystem;
  • Recommend personal stewardship practices for future generations; and
  • Help ensure money spent on Farlain Lake community projects by the FLCA is expended in a meaningful and effective way.

The first step was to prepare the State of the Lake Report which defined existing conditions and problems on the subjects of surface water quality, groundwater, land development, wildlife, fisheries, recreational carrying capacity, and other related topics.  Community values and issues were also identified through member surveys and visioning exercises.  The process of collecting data, communication with the community, and consultation with Community Partners (Ministry of Natural Resources, Ministry of the Environment, County of Simcoe, Township of Tiny, and the Severn Sound Environmental Association).

Although the Lake itself and the surrounding watershed are relatively healthy, they are on the threshold of significant change as a result of the natural aging process of the lake, land development, urbanization of the properties surrounding the lake, loss of natural habitat for wildlife and human interaction with the lake.  Global warming and climate change will impact the water shed’s ecosystem. The long-term sustainability of Farlain Lake depends on maintaining and restoring the environmental health of the lake and its surrounding watershed. The development of the Lake to Sky Management Plan is the Association’s strategy for accomplishing this.

For a copy of the detailed State of the Lake Report presented to the members of the Association at the 2012 Annual General Meeting, please click here.