FLCA Events

Mark Your Calendars for these upcoming 2024 events at Farlain Lake!

  • Saturday June 29  Fourth  Annual FLCA Kids Fishing Derby and BBQ – Register no later than Friday June 21
  • 2024 Farlain Lake Photo Contest
  • 2024 FLCA Annual General Meeting – Wednesday August 21, 2024 via Zoom.  Registration and details to be available closer to the time.

Fourth Annual Canada Day Kids Fishing Derby!

Saturday, June 29, 2024 at 8 am closing at 12:30 pm, followed by a BBQ at 2 pm on the same day. Photos must be taken for awarding prizes. That means participants must submit photos to the FLCA immediately to allow judging to take place and prizes awarded at the BBQ!

Check out last year’s photos and stories on the our Web Site! We hope to see more participants this year!

Register All Your Fisherkids Now!

No cost to register – this is strictly for fun! We just need your information. Please click here to complete the short registration form. Any questions please contact us at inquiries@farlainlake.ca.

Deadline for Registration is Friday June 21.

Once we have a list of participants, our Derby Coordinator, Scott Dales, will deliver gift bags with some items from the Ministry as well as a tape measure to be used in the picture to verify that this was caught in our lake with the tape measure provided (see below).

Please make sure you include your lake address on the registration form so Scott can deliver the bag to you before June 29.


Photos must be in jpeg file format and sent to the FLCA via at inquiries@farlainlake.ca immediately after fishing is finished – include your name, photos and the name of the fisherperson(s) in the photo.

The photos should include the fish with the tape measure to verify the measurements and a photo of the participant with their fishing hat in order to qualify for the best fishing hat. Measurement for widest fish must be from the belly to the back.

This is “catch and release”!! Take the photo quickly then release the fish back into the water – see Guidelines below.

Make sure you include your fishing story in your email to win the “best fishing story prize”!

The Derby is “Catch and Release”!

To help protect the fish and ensure it survives once you release it back into the lake, have what you need to take the photo ready and take the picture as quickly as possible. Keep the fist in the water until you’re ready as the fish needs oxygen to survive. Review these Guidelines for Catch and Release.


Categories include:

1) Longest Fish

2) Widest Fish (measure belly to back)

3) Youngest Fisher-persons

4) Best Fishing Hat Contest (can be made from things around the house/cottage)

5) Best Farlain Lake Fish story

Photos, stories and contest results will then be posted to the FLCA web site, our Facebook page and sent out in a special announcement to all members.


Many thanks to our current Sponsors:

Our sincere thanks to Delva and Michelle Lacroix for once again sponsoring the BBQ following the Fishing Derby!

Farlain Lake Photo Contest 2024 

This summer there will be a Farlain Lake photo contest, open to all FLCA members and their families. The contest will be organized and juried by Heather Kertzer and Paul Breslin. Both Heather and Paul are experienced photographers. Heather studied Photography and Fine Art at university and Paul was the president of the Midland Camera Club for a number of years. Both have won multiple awards for their photography. Those of you who had a chance to do the Bay Studio Tour last fall had the chance to visit Heather and Paul at their beautiful studio on the northeast shore of the lake and see their amazing work.  Our sincere thanks to them for organizing this contest.

Contest rules and guidelines: 

  • Entries will be accepted and judged in two main categories according to the age of the photographer: Youth (under age 16) and Adult (16 and over) 
  • The competition is open to all current members of the FLCA and their families. 
  • A maximum two photos per person may be submitted. 
  • Photos must have been taken in 2023 or 2024. Photo subject can be anything related to life on the lake such as: people, activities, animals (wild or domestic), scenery. 
  • Still photographs only (no videos). Photographs can be taken with your phone or with a standard camera. 
  • Submitted photographs must be in JPEG format. When possible very large file sizes greater than 2MB should be avoided. Image dimensions (number of pixels in width and height) should generally be greater than 1024. Note some phones automatically reduce image sizes when sending via email. 
  • Submissions will be judged based on technical quality, composition, story and creativity. 

Submitting Your Photo(s)

Closing date for contest is June 22, 2024.  All photos must be submitted by that date or they will not be accepted.

Please include the following information in the email with each photo entry: 

  • Name: 
  • Farlain Lake Address: 
  • Phone Number: 
  • Email address: 
  • Photo Division (Adult or Youth): 
  • Photo Title: 
  • Date Taken (approximately): 
  • Photo comments (optional):
  • By submitting your photos to the FLCA photo contest, you agree to allowing the FLCA to use your photos in future publications.

Award Presentation 

Results and prizes will be awarded at the FLCA BBQ scheduled for Saturday June 29th following the Kids Fishing Derby and winners will be announced through the FLCA communication vehicles.

FLCA Annual General Meeting

After much consideration as to whether we hold the meeting in person or via Zoom,  the AGM will once again be held virtually via Zoom.

SAVE THE DATE!  The 2024 Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday August 21, 2024 from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.  Details and registration for the meeting will be posted to the web site in the near future.

Join us for reports, updates, special presentations and a chance to ask questions about what’s happening around the lake.

Annual Boat Parade

Farlain Lake has been experiencing unusually high water levels for the past few years which have not receded significantly over the summer. That, combined with the results of a member polls in 2018 and again in 2019 to determine the interest in a Boat Parade resulted in the decision to cancel the Parade. We hope to bring it back at some point in future!

2016 Boat Parade

  • Young Participants at Awards
  • Under the Sea Mermaids
  • Third Prize Margarittaville
  • Sixth Prize Farly
  • Second Prize Blue Jays
  • Fifth Prize Cottage Life
  • Children from Under the Sea
  • At the Awards Ceremony