First Canada Day Kids Fishing Derby!

Our very first Kids Fishing Derby was held on Saturday July 3 and we’re happy to report there were about 35 participants! The feedback has been very positive – it seems everyone had a lot of fun and we have some great photos and stories as you can see below!  A list of prizes follows – but the reward for everyone, adults included, was all the fun they had!  Now we can plan for next year…

The Winners (1 boy and 1 girl per category)  this year are as follows:

Youngest Fisher People

Myah Perriman 5  and Lynden Coleman 4

Best Fishing Hat

Antonio Leitao and  Lily Magee

Best story

Kenzie Perriman and Antonio Leitao

Most Honest


Longest fish

Hailey Bishop  and Braxton Colwell

Widest Fish

Hailey Bishop and Braxton Colwell

Enjoy Viewing These Photos and Stories!

Prize Categories

Categories this year will be:

1) Longest Fish
2) Widest Fish (measure belly to back)
3) Most Unusual Fish
4) Youngest Fisher-persons
5) Best Fishing Hat Contest (can be made from things around the house/cottage)
6) Best Farlain Lake Fish story



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