Waste and Septage Management

Solid Waste Management

Farlain Lake solid waste management falls under Simcoe County.  Visit the Waste Management page on the Simcoe County website for detailed information.

Solid waste must be separated into  “garbage”, paper fibres, containers and organics.  All items in these bins are picked up on a weekly basis.  Bins must be placed at the curb on your property by 7 a.m. on your area’s collection day. Items falling under “garbage” should be placed in plastic garbage bags but these bags should be placed in a covered box or bin at the curb to protect the garbage from wildlife.

Special collection days are scheduled for standard batteries, leaf and yard waste and Christmas trees.  

Note that burning leaves is no longer permitted at any time in Tiny Township due to risk of fire.

Please pick up after your pet!  Note that the County of Simcoe now accepts pet waste in green bins provided it is enclosed in compostable bags – not plastic bags.

Some helpful links are:

Waste Collection Information  

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Septic Systems

Property owners at Farlain Lake rely on on-site wastewater treatment systems to manage household water.  Understanding and effectively managing your septic system is vital to protecting our lake and the environment surrounding it.

The Federation of Ontario Cottagers Associations (FOCA) provides excellent information on its web site to help you understand these systems and how to maintain them.  Check out the video on YouTube.

Download the following PDF documents for tips on maintaining your septic system:

How Can I Keep My Septic System Working Properly (Conservation Ontario)

Fact Sheet 4 Speaking of Septic Systems (Severn Sound Environmental Association)

Sewage Re-inspection Program

The Township of Tiny introduced a Sewage Re-inspection Program  in 2002 to ensure onsite sewage systems were functioning properly, necessary for the protection of the quality of surface and groundwater in the region.  The program involves mandatory inspections to be completed by a third party at the expense of the property owner.

The first stage of the program for the property owner is a “visual surface inspection” by C.C. Tatham & Associates, a third party retained by the Township for this purpose.  The second stage is the submission of a report provided by the licensed sewage hauler hired by the property owner to pump out the septic tank.

The Township is divided into regions for the purpose of implementing the program.  Farlain Lake is in the region to be covered by the program in 2019. A letter is to be sent by the Township to each property owner within this calendar year regarding compliance with the program.