Traffic and Parking

With over 300 households around the lake, community safety is a prime concern. The roads running around the lake can be busy particularly during the summer season and on weekends.  While the speed limit on the main roads entering the area (Concession 16, Military Road and Awenda Park Road) are posted as 60 or 80 km/hour, the speed limit on the lake roads is 40 km/hour.

Please obey the limit!  Watch for children who may be running across the road to get to the lake from back lot properties! 

One of the most sensitive areas is the boat launch on Andrew Drive on the southeast side of the lake.  Please keep the number of vehicles used to launch your boat to one – the one pulling the trailer – as there is very limited space for temporary parking and the area is busy with children and those enjoying the lake.

Township parking regulations apply – see Parking Enforcement on the Township website for information on parking availability and restrictions.e