Guide to Enjoying Our Lake for Renters

As a service to members of the Farlain Lake Community Association and other lake community residents who value and enjoy Farlain Lake, we have created a Renters Guide and a short form version called the “Renters Fact Sheet” to foster improved communication between lake residents and seasonal visitors. Many Farlain Lake cottagers rent out their property or loan it occasionally to extended family or friends. While we welcome newcomers and visitors to our lake, we would appreciate it if they had an understanding about the etiquette of living in our community.

The Renters Guide will help property owners appreciate their role in educating guests about basic community best practices and Township regulations. It also provides key contact phone numbers and points of interest in our community. The Renters Fact Sheet is a condensed summary of the Guide that can be posted on the fridge as a quick reference source.

We are all partners in protecting Farlain Lake and ensuring everyone has a great experience at the lake. Please review and provide your guests with the Renters Guide and Renters Fact Sheet.

Click here for the complete version of the Renters Guide.
Click here for the Fact Sheet you can post as a quick reference guide.

Thank you for your help in ensuring the ongoing enjoyment of Farlain Lake!