FLCA Annual Meeting

The Annual General Meeting for the Farlain Lake Community Association is generally held at the end of July or beginning of August annually.  August 1 is the beginning of the new membership year and the meeting is an opportunity for joining the FLCA or renewing membership for the coming year.

The meeting is an opportunity to get an update on the year’s activities, issues affecting the community such as septage, invasive species and other environmental issues, and traffic safety.  It usually includes special educational presentations and displays and most recently a Silent Auction for the purpose of raising funds to help manage the Eurasian Watermilfoil. The Auction provides a wonderful avenue for members to get to know each other and have fun!

We often have special guests join us such as members of Tiny Township Council and representatives of the Severn Sound Environmental Association.

FLCA members can access minutes and presentations from past annual meetings by logging in using the generic security information provided at the time of joining and revised annually.


2022 Annual General Meeting

Wednesday August 17, 2022

Our sincere thanks to the over 70 participants in our 15th Annual General Meeting and the third to be held via Zoom!

The 2022 AGM Agenda Final and the FLCA AGM Minutes August 11 21 are available to download here.  The recording of the meeting is available on You Tube (https://youtu.be/k5nVeWTgC3A).

The special presentation by Aisha Chiandet, SSEA Water Scientist, is available to download here as a PDF file: SSEA Presentation re Water Quality AGM 2022.

FLCA Board of Directors

One of the important components of the upcoming Annual General Meeting is the election of the Board of Directors. The FLCA’s success over the years is due to the efforts of all our dedicated volunteers, and particularly to those you as the members have entrusted to provide leadership and work with the members of the community as we deal with the many important issues challenging our community. As a totally volunteer driven organization, our Board is very much a “hands-on” Board.

These are challenging times: the continued threat of the Eurasian Watermilfoil, Blue-Green Algae, changing water level, boating safety issues, COVID 19, a growing and changing community, short term rentals, and the list goes on! Since the FLCA’s inception in 2008, we have been fortunate to have strong members on the Board who have served multiple terms, contributing their time, energy, knowledge and passion for the lake in order to address issues, protect our lake and support the community around it. Our membership is growing, we have built solid relationships with the Township, the SSEA, FOCA, FoTTSA and other lake associations.

The FLCA Board generally meets at least bi-monthly (in person or electronically) and each Board member focuses on a specific portfolio (finance, membership, communication, environment, social). The officers and portfolios are determined by the Board at the first meeting following the AGM.

This year we are sorry to be losing 3 of our long serving Board members and can’t thank them enough for their dedication and many years of service to our community. I’m happy to report that  we are welcoming two new Directors…Gerry Pipe and Margaret Brohm.

Continuing Directors Retired Directors 
Elizabeth Di Chiara, President
Ross Graham, Treasurer
Wendy Huck, Secretary
Scott Dales, Social
Jeanette Parker, Communication and FoTTSA Representative
Tom Hayes, EWM and Environmental
Don Ferguson, Vice President
Doug Kirk, FoTTSA Representative
Pat Kelso, Membership



Gerry Pipe

Gerry Pipe has spent time summering on the lake since he was a child. He, his wife Dia, and their two children have been owners for 37 years. His neighbours include both his sisters and their families. For Gerry, Farlain is truly a “family affair.”

A semi-retired airline Safety Consultant, Gerry spent 40 years with Air Canada in various leadership capacities from Personnel Services & Training to Corporate Safety. He has been involved with the Eurasian Watermilfoil project as a volunteer and is now ready to participate on the Board of Directors. Now, rather than simply observing the work that is being done to protect Farlain Lake, he would be pleased to be an active participant in shaping the future.


Margaret Brohm

Margaret has been a cottage owner on Farlain Lake for 29 years and has recently become a full time resident since retiring from her job as a Dental Office Manager in September 2021. She has spent many memorable moments here with family and friends enjoying cottage life! Her past career included marketing and sales at Campbell Soup, and later on, property management.

Margaret is passionate about travel, environment, and working with and meeting new people. She would love to contibute to the Farlain Lake community as a member of the Board. She has already served as a member of the Eurasian Watermilfoil Committee and as Secretary on the FLCA Board from 2015-2016.