FLCA Annual Meeting

The Annual General Meeting for the Farlain Lake Community Association is generally held at the end of July or beginning of August annually.  August 1 is the beginning of the new membership year and the meeting is an opportunity for joining the FLCA or renewing membership for the coming year.

The meeting is an opportunity to get an update on the year’s activities, issues affecting the community such as septage, invasive species and other environmental issues, and traffic safety.  It usually includes special educational presentations and displays and most recently a Silent Auction for the purpose of raising funds to help manage the Eurasian Watermilfoil. The Auction provides a wonderful avenue for members to get to know each other and have fun!

We often have special guests join us such as members of Tiny Township Council and representatives of the Severn Sound Environmental Association.

FLCA members can access minutes and presentations from past annual meetings by logging in using the generic security information provided at the time of joining and revised annually.


FLCA Members may access information from the 2020 Annual Meeting (Agenda, draft minutes, presentations, etc) by clicking here and entering the password sent to members.  Don’t have this information?  Please contact us at inquiries@farlainlake.ca and we will get it to you promptly.

2020 FLCA Annual General Meeting
Held Via Zoom
Wednesday August 5, 2020

 FLCA Updates
 Election of Directors
 Presentations by special guests…
From the Township of Tiny:
Councillor Cindy Hastings
Councillor Tony Mintoff
From the Severn Sound Environmental Association:
Michelle Hudolin, Wetlands and Habitat Biologist
Michael Rogers, Invasive Species Coordinator Summer Student

Our first virtual meeting was well attended with over 60 registrants!  As promised, the recording of the FLCA Annual General Meeting held on August 5, 2020 is now available on the secure side of the FLCA web site. Click here to go to the AGM page for members.   You will get a pop up message asking for the password for members to access the page.  If you need the password, please simply email us at inquiries@farlainlake.ca and we will send it to you immediately.

A PDF of the slide presentation for the meeting is also available for downloading on the above page.  SSEA has also kindly provided a PDF file for each of the presentations made by Michelle Hudolin and Michael Rogers – they are available to download below as well as on the protected page referenced above.

SSEA Presentation on Eurasian Watermilfoil by Michael Rogers
SSEA Presentation on Gypsy Moth by Michelle Hudolin