Bell’s Fibre to Home Internet Service Has Arrived at Farlain Lake!

Great news!!

Last December we announced that $41.1 million in funding had been allocated to the Swift project to support six fiber-to-home projects across Simcoe County which will expand broadcast services for almost 13,000 households and businesses in the County that currently have limited to no connectivity. Bell was identified as the provider in our area with the installation of “fibre to home” cabling around the entire lake.

Some residents along Andrew Drive and Farlain Lake Road East have either had the new service installed or have booked a date for the installation. Those of us who have had it installed are very happy!  If you have not heard from Bell but were planning on the service, please contact Bell at 1-877-292-0877 to see if you are able to book the installation at your location on the lake yet and get the details on the package being offered.