Bell’s Fibre to Home Internet Service Coming Soon!

Last December we announced that $41.1 million in funding had been allocated to the Swift project to support six fiber-to-home projects across Simcoe County which will expand broadcast services for almost 13,000 households and businesses in the County that currently have limited to no connectivity. Bell was determined to be the provider in our area with the installation of “fibre to home” cabling around the entire lake.

The great news is that Bell has been working on the installation of the conduit for the fibre cable and has left cards at the door of each household with information on signing up. The first step is to take advantage of Bell’s offer to run cable from the main line on the road to your home/cottage – currently being offered free (value $1,000) while the installation is taking place.

But you need to act now before they finish the work in our area by contacting Bell at the following to register and give Bell access to your property – visit or Call 1-833-861-8152.

In speaking with the technicians working on the installation, service may be available as soon as the fall.

Elon Musk and Starlink

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