FLCA Citizen Scientists Receive SSEA Award

FLCA volunteers who participated in the SSEA’s Blue Green Algae Causation Study this past summer were honoured at the SSEA’s Annual Awards Reception held on April 5 in Elmvale. Shown here for the presentation are (left to right) SSEA Board Chair Steffen Walma, Tiny Township Mayor David Evans, SSEA Student Sarah Song, and FLCA Citizen Scientists Emily Thorne, Mark Simpson, Mike Johnson, Barb Columbus, and Brian Columbus, with Federal MP Adam Chambers. Missing is FLCA President and Citizen Scientist Scott Dales who was out of the country.

The Causation Study was conducted by SSEA through a grant obtained by Tiny Township. Our Citizen Scientists worked tirelessly collecting water samples weekly from May through September and their efforts are sincerely appreciated. Congratulations go to them all. More information and the results of the study can be found on this site under Our Lake/Blue Green Algae.

SSEA offers a number of opportunities to volunteer as Citizen Scientists that provide “eyes on the ground” by community members to monitor the watershed for possible problems, collect information and data, and help provide education and solutions. See the SSEA web site for more information on this valuable program.