The FLCA has partnered with the Severn Sound Environmental Association (SSEA) and the Township of Tiny on the installation of a water level gauge which will provide an ongoing accurate record of the changes in the water level going forward. This is vital to understanding the fluctuations, analyze them in conjunction with other factors such as weather conditions at the time, what to expect and how to cope. Accurate historical data on the water levels does not currently exist and will be important in moving forward with any attempts to manage the impact on the lake.

The gauge had to be installed in a public area to provide access for taking readings which will rely on volunteers – thus the choice of the only public boat launch area on the lake located along Andrew Drive. A sign will be posted in the area providing instructions on how to take a reading and indicating various options for reporting the data to SSEA. The data will allow the SSEA to see how the lake fluctuates with storm events and spring runoff, as well as helping create a water budget (comparing inflow to outflow) for the lake. Reports will be provided to FLCA members and Township through the SSEA.

Many thanks to all those who responded to the online survey and those who have submitted photos of the impact of flooding on their property. The FLCA is continuing to work on the issue with the SSEA and the Township of Tiny!

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